Maison Marlère,
a commited company with the PME+ label !

Since September 2021, we are officially certified “PME+”, the label for companies committed to people, employment and the environment!
It is a great reward for our work and an opportunity to thank Sylvie Laborde for her precious help to get the label.

What is the PME+ label?

PME+ is the label for independent human-sized French companies (SME), with ethical and responsible practices. The label was introduced by the FEEF (Business and Entrepreneurs Federation of France) and is awarded by Ecocert environnement, according to a reference system inspired by the ISO 26000 standard.

Which major actions enabled us to obtain the PME+ label (small and medium size business label) ?

We are in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, always looking for improvement. Here is a list of our commitments:

  • Responsible and local sourcing of our suppliers, committed to CSR or environmental protection.
    HVE or BIO wines from South-Western vineyards selected by a committee of regional experts.
  • An eco-design approach to packaging, 100% environmentally responsible: recycled glass bottles, 100% aluminium plastic-free caps, paper and cardboard from FSC forests, solvent-free glue, recyclable cork stoppers etc.
  • Well-being at work by encouraging dialogue, autonomy and trust, internal promotion and team training.
  • An educational concept to help consumers choose their wines: the first “Accords Parfaits” range.
  • The recruitment of several employees to strengthen and support the existing team.
  • Long-lasting and successful collaborations with our local suppliers
  • In collaboration with local associations such as CJD Bordeaux (Young Leaders Club), l’ARIA (Regional Association of Food Industries), l’AANA (Food Agency of Nouvelle Aquitaine), le Rotary Club, Connectif creative platform.
  • We are ambassadors of the South-West and have the ambition to promote this region through its wines, its culture and its strong values of sharing and conviviality.

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