Dax’s Feria



Dax Feria 2022

The festivities will take place from 11 to 15 August 2022 in Dax.

Dressed in white and red, stroll through the city and soak up the spirit of the South West!

Discover the Landes races, shows, the bullfights of Dax, the peñas, the traditional songs, the parade, the traditions…

In Dax, 17 peñas are located in the town centre and on the outskirts. Although each has its own identity, they all share the spirit of the South West. Conviviality, music and smiles are everywhere!

On the agenda:

Jeudi 11 août : Landes Day,discover our traditions and know-how (festive and artisanal).

Friday 12 August: Children’s day to learn how to party!

Saturday 13 August: Music Day with over 600 singers and musicians.

Sunday 14 August: Folklore Day with the first parade.

Monday 15th August: Dax in lights with the Agur and the fireworks.


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Dax feria